Use and maintain your table


Your table was built to last. But coatings are the first to suffer the ravages of time.

Thanks to TABLE IN MOTION, you have the possibility to restore all its splendor to your table!

Send us a photo of your table with its serial number (MXXX), we will send you an estimate for the replacement of damaged covers or assembled cushions.

This is also an opportunity to change color if you wish!


The many sanitary products (SANYO type) are not recommended because they can dry the coating on the surface which ends up making it dry and then brittle.

The use of one examination sheet per patient is restrictive but remains a good compromise.

The best method to keep the materials in good condition is cleaning with a little water and then wiping with the examination sheet. If necessary use a little Marseille soap to remove the fat, then wipe.

Do not forget to clean the palm rests and metal rod in the middle of the headrest cushions.


For the decontamination of the table, it is possible to clean the synthetic coating with a spray of highly diluted Marseille soap, and then wipe.

The recommended method is to spray the liquid on the examination sheet, outside the table, and then clean the surface with the soaked examination sheet. This avoids unnecessarily spraying metal surfaces that are not intended for this permanent soap deposit, and would constitute an attack on the steel.

 LEATHER MAINTENANCE / manufacturer's instructions :

Leather should be cleaned and vacuumed regularly to remove dirt and debris from the seams with a soft, damp cloth. Do NOT use SOAP or alkaline products on the leather, as they can dry or crack the leather. If necessary, use warm fresh water for cleaning in places and a soft cloth for drying.

Precautions: Avoid excessive friction. Keep a distance of 25cm with heaters. Healthy moisture is good for leathers.

Do not use: Aggressive substances such as stain removers, cleaning solvents, turpentine, shoe polishes, saddle soaps, oils, varnishes, abrasive cleaners, detergents, ammonia or any other type of chemical solution.


Impregnate the examination sheet with Marseille soap spray, outside the table to avoid uncontrolled spraying on the coating, then wipe with a dry examination sheet.

Vinyl protections on the headrest and on the palm rests are recommended because vinyl is not afraid of cleaning with soap spray. These protections are available either removable or to staple under the panel, for each panel.


Cleaning the metal part of the headrest with a synthetic fiber sweep prevents the creation of a deposit.

If an attack has occurred on the steel, it is possible to make alterations with a spray paint, metallic gray.

Clean to remove any soap deposit and dry.
Spray a little paint into the "bomb lid" (away from the table) and take this liquid paint with a brush (round, thin and long handle) to apply it in small touches.

  UPPER THORACIC DROP : setting tension

This small panel requires a "fine" adjustment. The voltage applied to its drop must be low.

Therefore, if it is found that this drop does not activate, raise the pick up and completely loosen the tension wheel of the drop. The panel will fall off naturally and the voltage adjustment will be possible again.

You may experience the same situation with pelvic drop. Just raise the pick up, loosen the wheel so that you can operate the drop and finally lower the pick up.

In general, the tension adjustment of the different drops is done by turning the wheel slightly (between a quarter turn for the upper thoracic and a turn for the pelvic).


WHEN? > The lubrication interval recommended in the instruction booklet is about 3 months of daily use, or when the drop loses its slip/fluidity during erasure.
Insufficient lubrication can lead, for example, to a feeling of hardness of a drop or unusual noise.

HOW? >In order to avoid soiling the cushions it is desirable to protect the area with an examination sheet.
To simplify access, the use of a narrow brush with a long handle is preferable and facilitates access to the vertical axis of each drop.

> Enable each drop provides the necessary access.

> In order to accompany this routine operation, you will find a descriptive file of the elements of a drop and photos for their lubrication.

Vaseline grease ou Lithium grease

WITH WHAT? > Vaseline oil or lithium grease is suitable but there are medium-consistency fat bombs with pipette that are also suitable.
Products that are too fluid such as "WD40" or equivalent are not suitable. (Cleansing effect, lack of persistence and liquid blackening).

Cervical Drop

Lower Thoracic Drop 

Pelvic Drop

Do not lubricate : keep PEAKUP axis dried

This "peakup" axis allows the lifting of the "headrest", the "upper thoracic" panel and the "pelvic" panel. It must remain dry, otherwise it will no longer be operational.