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If you have graduated for less than a year, ELITE offers you a drop and one of the following options:

the color of the base,
or a width of 24",
or a WHISPER coating.

To benefit from this offer, mention the year of your graduation with your quote request.

Note: This offer is valid all year round. It cannot be combined with a seasonal offer.


From the date of payment of your first deposit when purchasing an ELITE table with TABLE IN MOTION, it takes 15 to 16 weeks before the end of manufacture. The delay is significantly extended during the summer period.
Thereafter, it is reasonable to allow an additional 7 to 10 days before the arrival of your table in France.
TABLE IN MOTION then ensures that the transport has not affected the table and that it complies with your request. We contact you in this interval to define together a delivery date in the best conditions.


Contact TABLE IN MOTION to get the quote of the table that corresponds to your expectations:

1-Select the model that suits you on the ELITE website.
2-After selecting your options, select add to cart and then make a screenshot of your model (Ctrl C).
3-Send this template with the chosen options, by email, with the screenshot (Ctrl V) to tableinmotion@orange.fr
4-You will receive within the week, the quote in EURO of your table, customs clearance fees and transport included to your office.

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